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A Small Home Bar to Suit all Occasions

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At Best Bar None, we always start by asking our customers what their plan purpose is for their bar. Size, look and feel are the most important factors to our customers. We are committed to crafting a bar which is perfect for you to enjoy, whether you would like a modern home bar, home bar ideas on a budget or small home bar ideas.

Tailored to your home


Many of our customers come to us and ask for a small home bar which they can use throughout the year for birthdays or the occasional celebration. Some don’t have large houses or additional space for things like a drinks bar. We will work with you to utilise whatever space you have and design a bespoke bar that is tailored to your home.

personalised sport bar


Our expert craftsmen are not only creators but interior designers and will work with you to produce a home bar design which you fall in love with. From a contemporary home bar carved with the family name to a unique handmade bar top made from pennys. If you require a smaller bar, we will craft a bar which blends in with your home decor. Explore our bars. 

Penny bar top


We are proud to have some of the countries best craftsmen who will not settle for anything less than perfect. We will craft both your bar and any other add ons which complete your home bar vision, from small accessories to wood cabinets or a dedicated drinks cabinet for extra storage!

wooden corner bar

Enquire today to get a quote for your ideal home bar. Want more home drinks bars ideas? Discover  which home bar is best for you with our super quick quiz!