About us

So how did it all start?

After a relatively normal session down the pub one cold winters night, Adam was bemoaning to his brother Dan about the usual woes at work and how he felt he was being taken advantage off.

4am starts, working in The Capital and staying in the cheapest B&Bs available and with no long-term career aspirations it was the usual ‘one to many’ after hour conversations (sounds familiar eh?).

Dan was doing his best to soak it all up as usual with one eye on the space around him and thought “wouldn’t it be cool to have my own bar in the corner of the room”.....in a vain attempt to extend the nights alcohol consumption

Adam for his sins had worked at the same place for over 18 years, a “chippy” by trade, there wasnʼt much he couldn’t build as long as it included a mortice joint or two!

Dan piped up “could you make me a bar our kid?” (That’s the Black Country in him).

Adam set to task and proceeded to make a bar, on reflection this bar was something else to be fair....solid, made of good quality wood, took three people to lift and last but not least “looked knockout!”.

Dan was completely bowled over with the end result…..“kid, I reckon I could sell these.....I’ve seen nothing like them, online or in the shops!!”

Adam reassuringly shrugged it off……”You sell em, I’ll make em” (Sounds like a double glazing advert)

I’ll be honest Dan already had a relatively successful creative marketing agency , that’s where I come in (Marks my name!), as he is my business partner at Mooch Creative www.moochcreative.co.uk

So there it is……our vision isn’t to knock up some mass produced cheap wooden bars and flog online.

Our idea is to combine all our skills and to craft quality handmade bars for home and commercial use.

We use quality materials, reclaimed ethical sourced timber and ALL our bars are hand made from start to finish.

So there you have it…….a modest start with a clear vision……so why not drop us a line and let us make you a bar!!
Staying at home and entertaining friends and family has never been more popular than it is now.

And what better place to do this, than round your very own hand-made home bar?

Our amazing range of stunning home bars are ideal for serving your own beer and cocktails, entertaining friends or just having a lazy Sunday afternoon around.
We're a dynamic company, formed from a passion for creativity and innovation.

Our hand-made bars are some of the best built and well crafted on the market. Approximate weight is 150Kg, with each bar being hand built from ethically sourced timber.

Our bars are designed to complement any room in your house, but look particularly great in man caves, games rooms and cinema rooms.

So what are you waiting for? Why not order today and begin your own home bar fun and frolics?

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