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6 Top Tips On Setting Up Your Own Home Bar

Everyone can set up a home bar but not everyone can set it up the right way. It takes genuine attention to detail, equipment and the arrangement of assorted drinks to get the right wooden home bar UK. This has become increasingly important especially if you have friends over on different days of the week.

While it's okay to have dates and 'hang out', sometimes it's best to have a wooden home drinks bar. Also, it's not much of an issue once you understand where everything should go. To that end, your wooden home bar cabinet will be nicely set up when you follow the tips below.

Home bar with steel

1. Create The Ideal Space

Setting up the right wooden home bar is more than just clumping drinks together and calling it a bar. You don't want a situation where every part of your home harbours a bottle or glass. Again a well-defined area makes it easier for accessories to fit in. A wooden home bar with the right setting is an attraction in itself.

Hand-painted home bar

2. Place The Main Attractions

The point of having a home bar cabinet is to stock it up with unique drinks, right? Make sure you don't have drinks in short supply especially the 'regulars' such as scotch, tequila, gin, and vodka. Whiskey or bourbon make for great choice and are an essential for your wooden home drinks bar. Further, you can have other drinks to help lighten or spice things up. Soda, tonic, ginger ale, flat coke or other carbonated drinks will make for perfect mixers.

For every person you invite, you can expect them to order one of these main attractions.

Large wooden home bar

3. Have The Right Glassware

There are many kinds of glasses out there with different sizes, texture, and style. But, you should look for glasses that match the style of your wooden home bar UK. You could also go vintage with old but beautiful and reliable glasses. Again, for your rustic wooden home bar cabinet, avoid very thin glasses which can break easily. In all, there are different glasses that suit the kind of drinks on offer. Do your best to have them when setting up your home bar.

Whiskey bar

4. Have Essential Bar Tools

When you have the essential bar tools, you can reprise the role of a mixologist at home. You'll need a mixing glass, shaker tin, pint glass, a mesh strainer, peeler, corkscrew and bar spoon. Too much? The right wooden home drinks bar isn't complete without them. Also, you'll be amazed at the cocktails you make and how great they taste. That's because essential tools do half the job.

Commercial bar for pub

5. Have Garnishes Ready For Use

This has a direct link to the essential tools because you'll need them to make some garnishes. For example, a peeler helps to prep your lemons, limes, and oranges. They always give drinks another dimension and are pleasing on the eye. Make sure to keep them fresh on your wooden home bar cabinet.

Home bar with steel counter top

6. Spend A Little Bit On Ice

Yeah, you have a fridge but the ice from it wouldn't do justice to your rustic wooden home bar from Best Bar None. It's not as bad on your pocket too and is way better if you have people coming over. That clanky noise makes drinks all the more lovely to sip and enjoy.

Solid oak counter steel

You'll be comfortable at home after learning these tips. They'll save you time and money. Also, you'd have the right wooden home bar to show off to all of your friends & family at social events. Get Partying!