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How to resist the urge to drink booze from your home bar throughout Dry January

2020 has started and at the start of every year, millions of people partake in Dry January. Set up by Alcohol Change UK, the Dry January initiative helps to reduce alcohol intake for a month, for millions of people. 

The festive period leads to increased indulgence and on average can lead to an increase of 1KG in bodyweight. With many people starting the new year on diets and signing up for gym memberships, Dry January is the perfect excuse to cut alcohol intake.

What does reducing alcohol intake mean for your home bar use? 

Here are some tips and ideas for how you can use your home bar without consuming alcohol in January!


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1. Purchase more soft drinks

Yes, soft drinks are high in sugar, but mixing them with alcoholic drinks - like many people do - increases calorie consumption. By sticking to soft drinks such as lemonade, coca-cola, elderflower cordial and ginger beer, you’ll be not only reducing alcohol intake but also calorie intake.

2. Mocktails are the next best thing to cocktails!

Mixing mocktails instead of cocktails is an easy way of still enjoying your favourite drinks without the added spirits. There are millions of mocktail recipes online for you to choose from. Pinterest is always a good place to look for unique mocktails, that may end up being your favourite drink!

3. Use it as a food serving area

If you’re hosting a party and don’t want to serve alcoholic drinks, your home bar could be used as a buffet station for all sorts of different yummy snacks and nibbles to keep your guest happy!

4. Use it as a sideboard storage

Space to pop things on display and store things away is always sparse after Christmas. With new presents and boxing day sales, finding somewhere to store items can often be hard. Whilst you’re having a break from restocking your bar over January why not use the extra space to store your new bits before you have a clear out in other areas of your home!

5. Distilling station

Whilst you’re waiting for Dry January to be over, using the bar as a station to make your own gin ready for when January is over is a great way to prepare your favourite gins and have a go at DIY-ing your very own gin flavours! There are tonnes of recipes and top tips available online to use, who knows you might find a magic recipe that turns about to be a favourite!

If you don’t have a home bar but are considering purchasing one with hesitation as to whether you’ll actually use it, get in touch with our team. We’d love to help design your dream bar and even customise it for other uses. Why not contact BestBarNone, let’s have a chat!

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