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How to get your garden holiday-ready in quarantine

With the UK on lockdown and the likelihood of jet setting away to the Caribbean for a summer holiday very low, why not make the most of this amazing British weather by having a staycation in your back garden!

Here’s a list of things you need to get started with your very own garden resort:

1. Something to lie on

As the number of weeks into lockdown increase and the temperature rises, having something to lounge on to get that golden summer glow is a must. Some people say that they can’t get a tan in the UK but with air pollution very low due to reduced use of transport and other factors, the sun’s rays are stronger than ever. Lie back, relax and get your sun in while you can!

2. Something to cool off in

Whether you’re looking to invest in a state of the art jacuzzi or even swimming pool, or have a bit of spare cash to splash on a paddling pool for the kids, getting something that you can cool off in outside in this heatwave is a staycation essential.

3. Something to drink

Cocktails are a holiday essential, especially for those of you that love to sit back and relax on the beach in Marbella with a Strawberry Daquiri on tap all summer long. While holidays are cancelled, why not invest in your very own bespoke wooden bar for your garden or inside your home. We’re currently offering contactless delivery and installation and our range of stunning solid oak home bars are crafted by hand.

4. Something to wear

Holiday weather in the UK calls for holiday clothes. Why not treat yourself to some new clothes to wear while sitting at your dream home bar. You could spend an evening getting dressed up ready for cocktails at your wooden home bar or a barbecue dinner, which brings us onto the next point…

5. Something to eat

Good food on holiday is a MUST. While lockdown is on and summer holidays are cancelled, there’s no need to get summer body ready! A barbecue for breakfast? Why not! You can eat whatever you want when you want, no one is judging you!

Get your holiday head-on, the weather is amazing so you’ve got no excuse! If you’re looking for a wooden home bar to bring your staycation up a level, get in touch with our team we’d love to help.


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