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The Home Bar Seekers Guide

Are you on the hunt for the perfect home bar? Fear no more, we’ve put this home bar seekers guide together so that you’ll know what to consider when selecting the perfect home bar.

Whether the bar is for your man cave, kitchen, living room, dining room, garage or the shed in your garden, we’ve put these 5 questions you need to ask yourself together to make sure you make the right decision and you’ll be guided to the perfect home bar for you:

1. Have you thought about where the bar is going to be positioned in your space of choice?

Find an area that allows you enough space to move around and unleash the inner barista!

2. Is there a certain style of bar you’re looking for?

Why not check out home bar ideas on Pinterest!

3. What colour home bar do you want?

Here at Best Bar None UK we offer a range of colours and shades of wood.

4. What material do you want the bar to be made out of?

Best Bar None’s wooden home bars are very popular as they look rustic and stylish, adding some edge to your home!

5. Do you want your bar to have a personalised touch?

All Best Bar None bars can be competed with a personalised touch such as a logo or text or your choice.

6. What lighting do you want around your home bar?

We can make your bespoke bar, truly your own with LED remote control lighting to bring an extra atmospheric touch to your home.

7. Where are you going to store all of your bottles and glassware?

Storage cabinets are a necessity. Best Bar None’s bars are finished with internal shelving space for all of your storage needs!

8. What are you going to decorate your bar with?

There are endless opportunities to decorate your home bar with whatever you like! Why not have a think about adding some indoor plants, a neon sign, or even some abstract art.

9. Do you want to add any appliances to your home bar?

We recommend a fridge, ice maker and smoothie blender to complete your home bar.

10. What kind of seating are you looking for?

Bar stools are a must! There are a wide range of bar stools available depending on the look you’re after. Why not take a look some some home bar stool ideas on Pinterest for some inspiration!


Once you know the answers to all of these questions you’ll hopefully have more of an idea as to which home bar you’d like.

If you need any suggestions or help on which bars to choose for your home or man cave, why not get in touch with the Best Bar One team today!

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