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The Most Wished for Gift This Christmas - Your Very Own Gin Bar

Forget the new Playstation 5, after the year we’ve all had, sitting at home and counting our loo roll, we deserve to treat ourselves to something extra special. When people ask the question if you could have anything, what would you have, the answer is normally lots of money, a supercar or a mansion. If you were to be realistic, what would it be? 

As we are all spending Christmas and New Year at home this year, we have thought about what would make the best gift to enjoy over the festive period. Beside a puppy, our next top choice is a home bar unit. Why? A custom home bar will bring you the best of memories, whether that's socialising over a couple of drinks with friends, celebrating an occasion with family or hosting a party (hopefully soon!).

Even if you don’t have guests round, you can enjoy your bar alone - decorate it and make it yours, spend hours inventing a new cocktail recipe or simply throw on some Christmas tunes and drink your favourite whiskey.  

Why not splurge on your better half? Is he always saying he wants his own space or somewhere to chill out with his mates? Do you want to get her something special? Something she can enjoy with her friends? 

bar with pink lighting

Mancave Bars

Home bars are the ideal gift for men who seek a space of their own. Many of our bars are adopted as mancave bars - the perfect get up for a couple of guys watching the footy with a few beers on an evening.

blue bar

Gin Bars

They are also perfect as gin bars! If you’re gin-obsessed - why not add a personalised gin bar to your home full of your favourite gin and tonics. Invite your girl friends over and host a ‘just because’ party using your home cocktail bar, because you shouldn’t need to celebrate something to have fun and be merry!

3 glasses of gin and tonic being served

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and treat yourself this Christmas or purchase the best gift for your other half.

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