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10 Top Tips To Set Up The Perfect Home Bar

Are you planning on having a home bar in your man cave, living room, garage or kitchen?

Why not take a look at these handy tips for some home bar inspiration:

1. Invest in Staple Accessories

Planning on coming the expert Barista you’re dreaming of? You’ll need some expert bar accessories to ensure you reach your full bartender potential! Why not look our range of man cave bar accessories so that you can fit your bar out with all the tools you’ll need for your wooden home bar.

2. Stunning Glassware

Show off your bar with some brand new shiny glassware, we offer a range of options, you can even make your own with the Stainless Steel Bottles Cutter. Our skull shaped glasses add that extra edgy touch your home bar needs!

3. Ice Ice Baby!

Make sure you’ve got enough ice on hand to please all of your guests with a refreshing crushed ice mojito or cool pink gin!

4. Polish your drinks off with the perfect garnish!

Grab some frozen fruit, slices of fresh lemon and lime, a few sprigs of rosemary and mint and a pinch of salt. Make your cocktails next level with that finishing touch your guests are waiting for.

5. What is a bar without drinks?!

Make sure to stock up on a full range of liquors, beer cans, fruit juices and fizzy pop. Having a diverse range of drinks available at your home bar allows for endless drinking possibilities!

6. Furniture is key

Make sure to get good quality furniture that will last a life time. Best Bar None offer a range of wooden home bars in different finishes depending on your needs.

7. Grab some snacks!

Peanuts, crisps and other nibbles are going to top off your guests bar experience. Who doesn’t enjoy delving into some yummy snacks. Sweet or savoury, everyone loves a nibble!

8. Keep a drinks recipe book on hand!
The range of cocktails you can create is endless. Make sure to keep a book on hand to give you some tips on what to mix with what to ensure you can create the perfect cocktail.

9. Get creative!

Why not enhance the look of your bespoke home bar with some cool homeware. Whether it’s a neon wall sign, indoor plants or some abstract wall art, boost the look of your man cave bar or home bar with some interior accessories.

10. Get your boogie on!

What is a bar without atmosphere and music! Create the vibe you want with the perfect music system. Keep sipping your drinks and dancing all day and night with no care in the world with your favourite tunes playing. 


    If you need more tips and tricks why not take a look here. For any more information about bespoke wooden bars, man cave bars, home bars or Best Bar None, why not get in touch here.

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